Our Process

Monyetla Executive Services uses a unique recruitment process in order to find only the best candidates. This process is the product of years of research and experience and has been the cornerstone of Monyetla’s repeated success.



1. Recruitment Specification

Through consultation we obtain a detailed analysis of the position, job environment and desired candidate attributes.

2. Engagement Document

After finalising the Recruitment Specifications, job analyses and a competency profile, the Engangement Document is developed. This document will also serve as an agreement between the organisation and Moneytla.








3. Search Process

The search process is customised to be relevant to the specific position and usually includes one or more of the following: advertised search, executive search, database search, internet search.

4. Screening of CVs

The initial screening process will eliminate all applications which do not comply with the so-called essential criteria.





5. Interviewing of candidates

Suitable candidates are interviewed by Monyetla. A “professional competency-based section methodology” is used, matching the candidate’s competencies against the job specifications. Not only does this process ensure a high degree of accuracy, but also that all legal and ethical requirements have been met.

6. Submission of short-listed candidates

Only candidates who prove to be a close match to the job specifications will be included in the shortlist. A portfolio of each candidate (containing a CV, candidate summary and competency rating summary) will also be presented to the organisation.



7. Panel Interviews

Monyetla will conduct client panel interviews with short-listed candidates on request, especially where multiple positions are involved. This includes the set-up arrangements, coordination of candidate logistics and an advisory service to panel management (such as assisting interviewers with information on best practices, producing candidate files and other administrative material, and the general management of candidate information). The physical presence of a Monyetla representative at the interview can also be arranged.

8. Assessments

Where assessments are required, clients may make use of our recommended Assessment Centre’s facilities (at an additional cost).




10. The Offer

Monyetla will, if required, communicate the employment offer to the successful candidates. Once accepted, the client will provide the candidate with a written Letter of Employment.



9. References

Where references are called for, we will obtain these with the appropriate referees.



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